Telephone Interpreting for removing language barriers

Consecutive Language and Cultural Interpreting service, accessible remotely, to allow customers and their staff to communicate with the world by speaking the languages of more than 100 countries.

The customer facility will be provided with telephone numbers to contact, corresponding to the different languages required. The phone call can be initiated from any device, and a three-way call will be immediately activated during which you will be assisted  by a conference interpreter who will support the exchange of information and concepts by breaking down any linguistic-cultural barriers that may arise in the conversation.

The Service is available in two Versions:

1. SOS INFOMONDO, designed to provide support for the communication needs of Public Authorities such as Hospitals, Emergency Numbers (112, 118) and Law Enforcement.

2. INFOMONDO BUSINESS, designed to assist SME wishing to broaden their horizons by proposing themselves on International Markets. 



The numbers of foreigners in Italy are constantly growing, fuelled by immigration and tourist flows.

This increases the complexity of providing basic services, such as hospital and healthcare services. Medical and nursing staff thus find themselves interacting with people of different languages, nationalities and cultures.

Availing of specialised mother-tongue mediators, Vox guarantees a Telephone Interpreting Service with immediate response,active 24 hours a day,365 days a year, to support the daily activities of Health Facilities (hospitals, ASL, counselling centers and paharmacies) and the 112 Single Response Centres, in Emergency-Urgency situations, eliminating the distance from the patient, transferring valuable information to him/her in his/her mother tongue.

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Every company knows that its products and services stand out on the market if they are able to transfer value in a different way  than their competitors’ offerings.

In an increasingly globalised world, however, it is often difficult for companies, especially SME, to effectively communicate this value to foreign customers and partners.

In fact, the presence of foreigners in Italy is constantly growing, and thanks to the spread of new business models it is becoming easier for a company to open up to foreign and international markets.

Thanks to its own network of specialised mother-tongue mediators, speaking more than 120 languages, Vox guarantees a fast response to your requests for intervention, with highly competitive and quality services to overcome any geographical limitations.

Whether you are communicating with a Chinese supplier based in Shanghai, or a Brazilian client intending to close a commercial agreement with your company, choosing the Pronto Infomondo Service will allow you to conduct meetings and briefings by communicating with the Partner in his language, putting them at ease and contributing to create an international image for your company’s profile.