Technical, Fiscal and Administrative Support for Individuals and Companies

Consultancy for the management of Ecobonus 110% & Earthquakebonus, and transfer of accrued tax credits

With Decree Law 34/2020, important measures for the restoration and valorisation of Italy’s public and private real estate assets were introduced.

Increasing the energy and/or seismic efficiency of a building by intervening from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2023 will give access to a Tax Credit equal to 110% of the value of the intervention, deductible in 5 years.

The Tax Credit may be transferred to the contractors entrusted with the work, obtaining an equal “invoice discount”; the contractors, in turn, can transfer this Credit to Banks and Financial Institutions.

Vox Gentium is at the side of those wishing to upgrade their real estate assets, by providing qualified advice throughout the entire regulatory process, from the verification of prerequisites to the assignment of the accrued Tax Credit.

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We put at your disposal:

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A Specialised Call Centre

Our Qualified Operators are at your side to provide you with administrative and fiscal assistance regarding the opportunities to obtain and exploitation of the Bonus, supporting you throughout the procedure.

A Team of technicians and professionals

High-level technical, legal and tax experts are available to companies, condominiums and private individuals to support them in the management of the most complex procedures and practices, including compliance approvals and visas.

4-Legame con il Territorio-min

A close connection with the territory

Thanks to the partnerships acquired with the most important Construction enterprise Groups operating in Italy, Vox Gentium supports you in choosing the best companies   in the area to carry out the works.