Integrated multichannel solutions for communication processes

Business Process Outsourcing solutions for the management of your Clients

The BPO organizational model includes externalisation of the management and control processes of a company that, for these functions, uses the services of a highly qualified partner to free internal resources and dedicates them to activities much more geared to the company core business.

Vox Gentium provides high added value multilingual and multichannel services, activating the reception and management system of contact through several Corporate touchpoints: CRM and Customer Care, Help Desk, Chat and Videochat, management of all business practices in Back Office.

The advantages of using our services for Client Management:

  • Elimination of management and operative costs
  • Re-appropriation of resources (personal, time and space) to focus on the corporate Core Business
  • Increase in flexibility of the service and better management of peak times
  • Immediate access to advanced skills and technologies without having to bear costs for their acquisition
  • Elimination of the time necessary for the introduction of services or access to new markets (cities, regions, countries)
  • Achievement of insight and in-depth reports on the main topics of the service.
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