Reach new levels of communication



Stay close to your Clients by assuring a professional and, at the same time, emotional welcome.

Vox presents Eddy, a modern support for remotely controllable tele-presence.

The simple design and the vertical configuration that resembles the human figure allow the end user to establish a relationship of instant trust with the system, breaking down the barriers caused by the robotic interface, making it perfect for providing remote assistance in critical environments such as hospitals, museums, or airports.

Here are some of the many environments in which Eddy can make a difference, providing support in Italian and in more than 20 languages:

  • Exhibitions and Events,
  • Video interpreting services
  • Tourist Guide for Museums
  • InfoPoint mobile station in Italian and other languages


Discover KIM, the solution that Vox has dedicated to all of the companies that want to open up stores all over the country.

A range of video-assistance counters, open 24 hours a day, designed to welcome and support your Clients throughout all the sales processes and management of contractual procedures.

Every single unit, fully configurable in terms of its hardware and software according to Client requirements, can perform numerous interactive processes with the video consultancy of a Vox multilingual operator:

  • Digital acquisition of printed documents
  • Scanning of original printed documents
  • Printing of documents for Clients
  • Reading of electronic cards and QR codes
  • Supply of keys or codes
  • Acquisition operations and reading of electronic and digital signatures.
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